​Town Wide
Customer Appreciation 2017
St. George, NB
Mark Your Calendar!
Thurs, Fri and Sat - ​August 17-20th
St. George - The Heart of Wild Blueberries, Salmon, and Seafood!
​The Town Merchants and Businesses 
​will "Kick Off" the 2017 Festival
​by saying Thank You ​ with a
Town Wide "Customer Appreciation"   ​Event

​For a fun time - Dress up up town with
​A Wild And Blueberry Theme!

Each participating business  will feature their own in store customer draws along with  various ways to say Thank-You all week!  Food, BBQ's, Activities, Music, Blue Dot Sales, Prizes, Games...

​Drop in and visit each participating business!

Information Required

If your business is interested in participating in the Town Wild Customer Appreciation please fill in name, email address and description
Participating Business